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Some 300 tech experts, journalists, bloggers and media followers  registered for the two-day summit, set  on  January 24 & 25, at the Cebu Provincial Capitol.



First day’s topics included  the following :

  • Protecting the Internet is Everybody’s      


  • Rising Voices Spotlight : Kyrgyzstan ;
  • What’s Happening in Filipino Citizen


  • How to Make Freedom of Information

Laws Work (for Everyone);

  • People Rising : How Protesters Took on  

   Their Governments in 2014;

  • Sex and the Internet : Expression,

   Activitism and Regulation;

  • Reporting in the Midst of a

   Propaganda War;

  • Workshop on What You See Isn’t

What It Is – How to Verify Citizen    


  • Frenemies with Benefits: The Politics

     of Funding Activism;

  • Google Tools for Journalists ;
  • Research 101 ;
  • Rising Voices Spotlight : Mexico ;
  • My Own Private Internet.


Tomorrow’s session will tackle the following :


  • Indigenous Language Digital Activism ;
  • Filipino Indigenous Languages in

   Citizen Media ;

  • How not to Write about Revolution ;
  • Magna Cartas :   A World Tour ;
  • Battling Trauma : The Highs and Lows

   of Revolution ;

  • Internet Rights in Your Backyard ;
  • On Line Crisis Reporting ;
  • Before, During and After a Natural  

   Disaster : How Participatory Media

   Informs and Organizes ;

  • Religion, Nationalism and Freedom of

   Speech ;


  • Do We Need the Trolls?
  • Technology and Innovation for  

   Advocacy – Enhancing Action for  

   Freedom of Information Legislation in

   the Philippines ;


  • What Should We Expect from the Tech  

       Companies we depend on ?

     (Ranking Digital Rights)


  • The Revolution Will Be Illustrated ;
  • 10 Years of Global Voices.


Held every two years, previous summits had been coordinated in UK, India, Hungary, Chile and Kenya, which called for the sharing and promotion of ideas for cross border collaboration.


This year’s sponsors include :

  • Ford Foundation
  • Google
  • MacArthur Foundation
  • Province of Cebu
  • Knight Foundation
  • Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism
  • Sun Star Publishing    
  • Open Society Foundations
  • Yahoo and
  • PR Works

 Global Voices is an international citizen media network which was established in 2004 at Harvard University by Ethan Zuckerman and Rebecca MacKinnon. #





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