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CEBU is “ready for INTEGRATION”

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If there is a province in the Philippines that can prove its competitiveness in Southeast Asia, Cebu is  the instant answer. This is opined by Josephus Jimenez, the President of the People Management Association of the Philippines (PMAP).

In PMAP’s 51st Annual Conference held on 16th Sept at Cebu Waterfront Hotel and Casino, with 1575 delegates attending, Cebu is deemed THE venue, because it is believed to be the land which can truly represent the word “integration”.     Long even before the Spaniards set up Cebu as a province, Cebu has been trading with India, China, Taiwan and Borneo.   

The 3-day event aimed to brainstorm topics that would assist the industry when the Asean Economic Community  (AEC) takes effect in 2015.

As an organization, PMAP is assessing the state of the nation’s human resources and submit proposals to the government, business sectors, industries and individuals, to highten the level of preparedness.

As stressed by Ambassador Delia Domingo Albert, a witness in the signing of the creation of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, people should realize that AEC is more on cooperation than competition.   That member nations join together, to face bigger and meaner competitors.

Hence, PMAP members were urged to identify and develop their strengths to higher levels.

Chair of Civil Service Commission Mr. Francisco Duque III, calls for audit and certifications from 3rd party organizations/auditors to uplift public service to international standards.

(Source :   Sunstar Cebu-Business, 18 Sept 2014)


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