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An Orientation to CRID : CONVERGENCE is the keyword (Coordinating Road Investments for Development)

Roads are vital links in the logistical chain.

So, here is the scenario :

In the list of road projects,  which ones get priority funding ?

The Solution  :

Such  is the job of the Road Investments Board.   The creation of this Board is needed to synchronize/harmonize planning in road investments of a given area, and address road-related queries.    The Road Investments Board is the clearing house for all road developments.


Findings in the Value Chain Analysis  generated during consultations and group discussions, are processed and filtered,  based on the criteria/standards in prioritization.   A list is then firmed up, as a result of such meeting of the minds.

Hence, convergence is the keyword for a successful road venture.

The Coordinated Road Investments Planning System  (CRIPS)  is a participatory multi-sectoral  and  multi-stakeholder   mechanism,  to facilitate local road selection and prioritization.   This is to optimize their economic and social benefits, to create impact on development.

So glad that I was given the opportunity to listen to this  orientation,  aimed at sharing the experiences of the Provinces of Bohol and Cebu,  in the implementation of CRID under the Coalition for Change Program,  as implemented by the Asia Foundation.

Held on 23 June 2014 at Quest Hotel Conference Center, listening and joining the forum,  was indeed, one  satisfying/optimistic experience.




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