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Radisson Blu’s FERIA : Perfect Gastronomical Delight for Bonding

Bonding times are perfect moments, needing perfect settings, calling for perfect fares and sumptuous gastronomical flaunt.

DSC05582  DSC05579

No less than the overseas-based siblings of Mommy Aida N. Alamag realized this when they booked the place for dinner on Saturday, 7th June 2014.

DSC05585  DSC05584
Riza-Ernie of Ireland,   Allette-John of Dubai,   Kevin-Camille of Dubai,   Ragni-Lorelei   and Darlene-Gian were happiest, seeing their Mom beaming in delightful surprise with some 50 well-wishers ! But of course, Aida is an up-and-coming caterer whose culinary skills always enchant the muncher.

DSC05583   DSC05575

As always, Feria’s international cuisine dazed us. It drew praises and luscious quips on the vast array of food which feasted our eyes, satisfied our drooling palates and lavished our mid-sections with delectable victuals.  It provided the right ambience for global conversation start ups !

DSC05586   DSC05632




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